First Friday Bike Ride

What is the First Friday Bike Ride?

If you’d like to find your way around Norman by bicycle to run errands, to go to the parks, to shop, or generally just to get somewhere, but feel it is daunting to try on your own, join us for First Friday Bike Ride on the first Friday of the month at Andrews Park.

Place: Andrews Park, Daws Street
Time: 6 PM – 7:30 PM
Date: First Friday of the month

Please see the Andrews Park locator map, below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away, using the mail form at the bottom of this post.

First Friday is a slow bike tour, going to and from places in central Norman, on the first Friday of each month. It’s slow because we ride at a conversational pace; it’s a gentle, rolling tour to nearby destinations we habitually reach by automobile. We hope you’ll see these familiar places from a new vantage: your bicycle.

We will ride in manageable-sized groups (up to 14 riders per group) leaving from a central location and riding in ±8 mile loops. The number of groups/loops will depend on the number of riders and available leaders who show up for the ride.

Again, these rides are social. The pace is ~10mph; recommended attire is what you would use to go walking in similar conditions; helmets are always welcome, and optional for adults. We welcome the young rider (under 16) if accompanied by an adult, as long as the wheel size of their bike is at least 24″ diameter (no BMX). For parents with small children, trailercycles or child bike carrier seats are another option for bringing little ones along on First Friday.

All human powered vehicles meeting the Oklahoma statute, Title 47 1–104, description of a bicycle,

“propelled solely by human power through a belt, chain, or gears, and having two or more wheels, excluding mopeds”

are eligible for First Friday. This includes bicycles, tricycles, recumbents, cargo-bicycles, and more.

The groups will ride double-file, legally in the right lane of multi-lane roads and obey all traffic controls. On narrow residential streets, we generally will maintain 2-abreast, but may divert from the route temporarily to release a queue of 3 or more following automobiles.

A few ground rules

We will operate within a single lane, no more than 2-abreast.
We will stop behind queued traffic and not filter forward.
We will obey red lights. In the event there are stop signs on the route, we will stop, yield and proceed as a unit.
We will not engage in hostility. It is rare for motorists to be hostile to our social groups, but in the event it happens, we will ignore or offer pleasantries in return.


Consider mounting bike lights if you intend to cycle on into the evening after the ride. The City of Norman requires bicycle lights lit within 30 minutes of sunset: white front light with a rear red reflector. Ah, but a blinkie red taillight is a thing of beauty.


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