This is the way to do it.

Cycling infrastructure needs to be seamless and simple to use for all ages and abilities, and cycling needs to be supported everywhere, not just where it is easy to do so. Only that way does cycling become a choice for the majority. Unless this is the case, cycling remains a minority pursuit.

–David Hembrow, A view From the Cycle Path

Most of us are motorists at least some of the time; many of us are pedestrians some of the time; fewer of us ride transit or bicycle some of the time.

Bicycling for transport should be as ordinary as bread and a carton of milk. Boring, even.    Bicycling on the public right of way should be pleasurable, the route direct, conflict with motorists rare and parking should be available close to my destination.

In our society, why should this vision be so difficult to accomplish?

With this blog we (and not just the editorial one, I hope) note and share the results of our exploration of Norman’s current and future transport cycling facilities.

The blog will report or offer opinions on utility cycling in Norman, including :

  • Making street signalization accessible to bicycles;
  • Noted structural hazards to bicyclists: faulty signals, bad street conditions, poorly designed crossings;
  • The 5 Layers of Safety, widely accepted basic traffic skills for cycling on Norman streets; coping with motor traffic;
  • Encouraging existing businesses in town to install bicycle parking for shopping, banking and other commercial transactions;
  • Reports from our monthly First Friday Bike rides, demonstrating the feasibility of transport bicycling in town and where better routes can be found.

Enjoy the ride!


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